Super Aurora 12 lighting desk

Product code: YANYAURORA12S

The Super Aurora 12 has all the features of the Aurora 12 but with the addition of a range of pre-programmed sequences available on preset B. This allows a ‘twinkle’ effect to be generated if preset A is used to set a background level.

Primary control of preset B is via the mode switch which gives forward, reverse, auto reverse, auto programme or manual (normal) operation. In any of the sequence direction positions the LED’s above preset B sliders will be lit to show the signal status available on that preset. In 6 channel sequences the LED’s above channels 7 to 12 on preset B will be on continuously, thus indicating that this half of the desk can be used as a normal 2 preset desk.

The sequence can be advanced by either the speed control or by the bass beat of the sound source if connected. A freeze switch is provided to halt the sequence at any desired position. With the mode switch in manual, the LED’s will not be lit but the desk will function as the Aurora 12. (There is an internal connection which can be made to light the LED’s in this mode if desired, please consult Anytronics).

Technical specifications

Brand Anytronics
Condition New
Weight 5kg


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