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Rosco E Colour 015 Deep Straw Theatre Lighting Gel Filter

Sheet or roll

Our Price: £5.14

Inc VAT: £6.17
Warm golden amber with some green. Useful for special effects-candlelight, firelight. Can create strong mood effect on backings with yellow bias. (Transmission = 61.16%).

Rosco has created hundreds of different coloured lighting gel so we know we can find the right colour for you. Modern lighting gels are thin sheets of polycarbonate or polyester. When put in a colour gel frame (specific to the latern) and then placed infront of a beam of light the colour comes to life.

Gels do not last forever and will burn or fade due to the intensity of the light.

Call us if you are unsure on which colour will work best for you.  
MPN: E015
    CTS Product Code: [E015]