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MSL Firecheck 5ltr bottle Firecheck

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Firecheck is a water-based fire proofing spray and is colourless, odourless and non-toxic.  It can treat a variety of materials including cardboard, untreated wood, polystyrene, hessian, foam rubber, cotton, wool and cotton-backed draylon.

Treating absorbent materials with MSL Firecheck creates an invisible, fire retardant layer instantly. When exposed to a heat source MSL Firecheck forms a carbonized shield deflecting heat.

Before starting treatment, the article or material should be clean and dry. We recommend treatment in a well-ventilated area. Begin the treatment by applying a fine mist of msl Firecheck to all exposed surfaces. There is no need to soak. msl Firecheck is colourless and odourless; once the treated article has dried it is practically unnoticeable and immediately ready for use.

  • 5litre Container covers 50-60m2
MPN: F00002
    CTS Product Code: [ZFIRECHECK5]