Mid Brown Crepe Hair

Product code: MUCREPEBR

Half a metre long wool hair to create realistic looking facial hair, wigs, mustaches, and beards.

When you unravel the hair it will be curly, to make it straight simply unbraid all the hair, and run water over it in the sink or shower. Once all the hair is wet, hang it over the shower curtain to dry over night - the weight of the water will pull the hair straight. 

Apply any base makeup desired to the skin before adding the hair then apply spirit gum to the desired area. Liquid Latex can be used but it can discolour the skin and does not stick as easily as spirit gum.

Choose the length of the hair you want and cut off a piece from the long strand.  You will want to pull the hair a part so it doesn’t  clump together and try to get a bunch that is spread pretty even.

If attaching a beard start at the bottom of the chin/jaw and work your way up.

Now you can pick a direction to go an continue applying spirit gum and crepe hair along the bottom of the jaw line. Then work your way back by adding hair higher up to add more layers and depth.

 Also once we have a couple layers of hair layers down we can use some hair spray to help to hair stay together a bit better.

For a moustache cut the hair shorter than for the beard apply the Spirit Gum to the upper lip, and attach the Crepe hair.

ALWAYS test a small area of adhesive on the skin before apply to make sure you are not allergic.

Technical specifications

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