Give me some light - Finale: 'The Complete Works' study guide, Skip Mort.


'The Complete Works' contains over 100 'bite sized' pages of background information, illustrations, diagrams covering the content of the three DVDs providing an extensive detailed guide to stage lighting. It is an easy to use reference book to dip into or mix and match depending on individual needs or requirements. The 'Encore!' section at the end of each Act contains resources, technical information sheets and posters that may be photocopied.

The Study Guide is unique in its accessibility and it can be used as a stand alone text book. It is suitable for students, amateur theatre enthusiasts, and teachers seeking support for Continued Professional Development. As a teacher it will provide you with all you need to know to be one step ahead!

Act 1:    ‘Need a Technician. . .’  (43 pages)

Teaching notes, background information & illustrations
§        Overture and Beginners
1.      Need a technician?  Using the programme of study
§        Lanterns, Dimmers & Control
2.      Identifying Lanterns: lenses and reflectors, five ‘Family’ Groups of lanterns,
3.      Good working practice: preparing and rigging lanterns
4.      Looking at: dimmer packs, cable plugs & sockets, 2 preset lighting control desks
§         Understanding & Using Lanterns
5.     Fixed and Adjustable beam lanterns: how they work, what can be adjusted
6.     Angling & Focusing: Fresnels/PCs, Profiles, saving your lamps
7.     Five types of Lanterns: five different beams of light, which lantern to use and where?
8.     Lantern Accessories: barndoors, shutters, irises, gobos & colour frames
§            Good Working Practice
9.      Striking Lanterns & Accessories: quick check list, organising & storage
10.    Lantern Maintenance: trouble shooting, replacing lamps, cleaning & electrical testing
11.    Health & Safety: risk assessment, working at heights & access equipment
§          From Lantern to Control
12.   Understanding and managing the lighting system: lighting layout plans, a glossary of terms
§            Encore! – Resources
Lantern: Labels, Reference, Information & Record sheets
Hanging Bolt Assembly drawing, Rigging plans, Angling & Focusing floor sheets
Quick Guide to Lanterns – Makes & Models, lamps, colour frames and Gobos
Storage Labels for Accessories
Electricity at Work Regulations & Testing, User checks for Electrical Equipment
Examples of sketch survey and lighting layout plans
§             Encore! – Posters
‘Looking at Lanterns’: Lenses & Lantern Symbols, Acclaim & Quartet Lanterns
‘Five Types of Lanterns’: How do they work?
Act 2:    ‘Taking the Drama out of Lighting!’  (27 pages)
Teaching notes, background information & illustrations
§          The Principles of lighting
1.      The Angles of Illumination: lighting the face and body
2.      Front, Side & Back Lighting: exercise demonstrating the positions & effects
3.      Three Angles of Lighting: Front key & fill, Side shin/floor, head, cross & Back lighting   
§        The Art of Colour
4.      The Colour Palette: warm, neutral & cool colours, Key, Fill & Accent lighting, split colours
5.      Using Colour Filters: identifying, cutting & marking, establishing a storage system
§          Special Effects
6.      Using Gobos: types of patterns, mounting, holders & sizes to match the lanterns
7.      Moving Effects:  Gobo Rotators, Animation discs, Effects projectors
8.      Gobo Slide Projection: Imagepro, ‘cool beam’ lanterns, making and using plastic slides, Peak & Flat field adjustment on Profile spots
9.      Other Effects using: smoke, haze & fog, pyrotechnics, strobe & UV lighting
§             A Lighting Exercise
10.   Amps, Volts & Watts: Ohms Law, calculating the power requirements
11.   Lighting a Scene: designing, making a plan, rigging, health & safety
12.   Setting & Plotting Lighting Levels: types of cues, plot sheets
§            Encore! – Resources
  Lighting Exercise equipment requirements, Safety Bonds, Chains & Floor Stands
Three Angles of Lighting plan, Colour Filter Storage Sheets
Lighting a Scene exercise: information sheets, plans, guide to setting & plotting

  •   Encore! – Posters
  •   Three Angles of Lighting

Act 3:    ‘So You’re Lighting the Production?’  (37 pages)
Teaching notes, background information & illustrations
§          The Lighting Palette
1.       Lighting Design: visibility, selection, fluidity, lighting naturalist drama, musicals & dance
2.       Six Area Lighting Grid: creating a lighting palette, rigging, angle & focusing
§              Lighting the Performance Space
3.       Cross Area Front Lighting: optimum angles of illumination, lighting the face not the floor, choice & position of lanterns, F.O.H. horizontal & vertical boom bars
4.       Angling & Focusing Lanterns: thinking in plan & elevation, angles & overshoot
5.       Flat Frontal Lighting: frontal lighting rig, lighting for dance

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