Give me some light - Act 3:'So you're lighting the production', Skip Mort. DVD and student workbook


The DVD is suitable for students, amateur theatre enthusiasts or teachers seeking Continual Professional Development. It can be used in school with groups or as a self - directed programme of study to support lighting coursework options at Key Stage 4 & 5, also for cover lessons. There is an accompanying Student Workbook which can be photocopied to provide a record of study. The syllabus includes the following:

§       Overture & Beginners
‘A Light Experience!’
§       The Lighting Palette
     Scene 1.   Lighting Design –  visibility, selection, fluidity of illumination
     Scene 2.   Six Area Lighting Grid - Exercise creating a lighting palette
§       Lighting the Performance Space
Scene 3.   Cross Area Front Lighting - positioning & choice of lanterns
     Scene 4.   Angling and Focusing - working in plan and elevation
     Scene 5.   Flat Frontal Lighting - Lighting for dance
     Scene 6.   Side, Cross & Back Lighting - Shin/floor, head & cross side
Scene 7.  Beam Angles - ‘Which Lantern to use and Where?’
§      Understanding the Lighting System
     Scene 8.   Dimmers and Power Supplies - Packs & Racks, loading
     Scene 9.   The Lighting Control Desk - Advanced & Movement Effects memory desks
§      Lighting the Show
Scene 10.  ‘The Light Fantastic!’ -  what we feel, how we see
     Scene 11.  Preparation & Planning - lanterns, rigging, angling & focusing
     Scene 12.  Setting, Plotting, Rehearsing & Running the Show  
§      Curtain Call
     ‘A Light Experience!’

Technical specifications

Brand Skip Mort
Condition New
Weight 1kg
MPN Act 3


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