Give me some light - Act 2: 'Taking the Drama out of Lighting', Skip Mort. DVD and student workbook


The workshop uses the skills and knowledge gained from Act 1 to explore the principles and techniques of stage lighting by looking at the effects of:

§     Overture & Beginners
‘A Light Experience!’
§      The Principles of lighting
Scene 1.   Angles of Illumination - Lighting the face and body
Scene 2.   Front, Side & Back Lighting – Exercise on the angles of illumination
Scene 3.   Three Angles of Lighting - Key & Fill, Side & Cross, Back lighting
§     The Art of Colour
    Scene 4.   The Colour Palette -  neutral & split colours, five groups of colours
     Scene 5.   Using Colour Filters - hints & tips, cutting, marking & storage
§     Special Effects
Scene 6.   Using Gobos - Projecting images, steel & break-up gobos  
Scene 7.   Moving Effects & Fixtures - Gobo Rotators, Animation discs,     
Scene 8.   Gobo Slide Projection – Imagpro, making and using plastic slides
Scene 9.   Other Effects - Using smoke, haze, fog, pyrotechnics, strobe & UV
§      A Lighting Exercise
     Scene 10. ‘A Load off your Mind!’ - Amps, Volts & Watts,  power requirements
     Scene 11.  Lighting a Scene - Exercise designing and setting up a scene
     Scene 12.  Setting & Plotting the Lighting - Plot sheets and types of cues
§      Curtain Call
     ‘A Light Experience!’

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